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1 Bag of Sneyds Wonderdog Special

1 Bag of Sneyds Wonderdog Special


1 x 15kg Bag of Sneyds Wonderdog Special

Quantity:  at  £17.00  each

Wonderdog Special is a complete 24% protein diet.

It is an extruded diet, with high quality ingredients, along with a healthy balance of oils, with a mixture of Lamb, Beef & Pork meats.

Sprayed with Weetsweet, Cod Liver Oil along with Chondroitin & Glucosamine.

Chondroitin & Glucosamine

Used widely by humans, now proven to maintain joint health care in dogs.

Cartilage and other related structures like discs, tendons and ligaments are continuously being remodelled in health, being worn away during activity and then reformed again afterwards.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are proven to repair process.

Cod liver oil – Again for joint care and to help with coat conditions.


The benefits of Weetsweet

Weetsweet is produced from British wheat which is processed mechanically and physically, using natural enzymes. It has various benefits to animals including:

  • It is naturalenvironmentally friendly and quality assured
  • It minimizes respiratory problems by binding any dust particles to the food preventing inhalation
  • It is better for teeth and gums. Because it is not easily soluble it reduces its availability to bacteria in the mouth
  • It enhances the taste and texture by making the food moist and giving it a sweet taste.
  • It is highly digestible, requiring only a small amount of enzyme activity in the gut.
  • It provides a readily available source of glucose for instant energy, released over time (unlike sucrose)