Wildflower Mats For Green Roofs

Wildflower Mats for Green Roofs

Wildflower Mats for Green Roofs

Green Roofs can enhance biodiversity, by providing a habitat which sustains wildlife in an area which would otherwise be lost by the footprint of a building.


We have developed a range of beautiful, biodiverse and colourful wildflower green roof mats designed specifically to flourish in the often harsh growing conditions created on a green roof.

Biodiverse Green Roof Mat

Wildflowers and other plants are selected for their drought tolerant properties, as well as colour and ecological benefits, attracting a wider range of birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators.


Research has shown that wildflower green roofs attract twice as many bee species and five times as many blossom visits compared to sedum green roofs.

Wildflower & Sedum Mat

A vibrant mixture of wildflowers, sedum, herbs and perennials designed to provide a rich nectar source for pollinators and to promote biodiversity.

Wildflower & Meadow Grass Mat

A taller growing mix of British wildflowers and natural grasses designed to create the appearance of a true wildflower meadow on a roof and to provide an attractive habitat and food source for birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

Sustainably grown in the UK, all our green roof wildflower mats are supplied ready to roll out as an instant vegetation layer with the plants already established and growing in a strong felt mat made from recycled British textiles. Lightweight, easy to install and low maintenance, they are available in varying roll sizes to suit site requirements and suitable for use with a lightweight green roof substrate.

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